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pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m. also, the president obama is expected to accept the nomination tonight. >> taking a look at the current conditions in milpitas, the el diablo range. coming up with your full forecast. what we have in store and how long this will stick around. >> good morning, a decent back up this morning westbound. they are about 18 minutes on average. no problems on the upper deck. the east bay freeways is moderate/heavy. however, not that bad through the south and from the peninsula, the one01 not that bad. >> the 101--not that bad. >> thank you. the loss of
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chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died wednesday evening from wounds he sustained in a officer youngstrom was pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m. wednesday at john muir medical center in walnut creek. he's survived by histhe slain suspect involved shooting on i-680 has been identified as 36- year-old man from corning california, contra costa >> right now we're going to a very difficult time. we are remembering him in every way that we can remembering kenyon. he absolutely loved his job as a service agent. all of oz, and all of you in the community truly. all of us ar e in morni histre in
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mourning. and will tran .. >>reporter: this is where he shows up to work. tuesday, he showed up at 5: 30 however he was shot just three hours later. you can see this memorial continues to grow. we expect this to continued to grow. this is a light coat loca high schoo. thank you from all that you do. and i just finished speaking with the c h p. he does not want to go on camera because he is to the emotional. he said that he is a triplet. he has to identical brothers. and the other identical brother was at the hospital. is very
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distraught. also the officer pulled over as he has been placed on administrative leave but he is also not doing very well because of the feeling that he got because it was his poll over of the suspect that cost the shooting. we had a chance to speak to people that stopped this morning very emotional thing i am sorry, i just stopped to pay my respects. >> why is this important to you? >> he is a fellow officer. >> you are an officer? >> you just wanted to pay your respects? >> yes. >> he leaves behind four children. there is a don ation set up at the local
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wells fargo branches. the reason is that so many people are suffering and in morniuring.. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room we have just learned that a suspect is under arrest after a u.s. air flight had to be diverted back to philadelphia because of a possible security threat. there was a phone call placed. after this phone call has already landed back in to philadelphia. it is flight 1267. philadelphia of police received a phone call that a person had possible explosives on him. they diverted the plane back to philadelphia a. it landed back at the reporter run 7:40 there were 69
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passengers. and there were five crew members--reported a round 7-40 that suspect is being transported to the fbi for interviewing. we should report that the philadelphia international airport is still open we will keep you updated in the kron 4 news room. >> decision 2012 president obama will accept the nomination. the formal nomination was last night during the california politician, dianne feinstein was there last night. this crowd went wild. >> former arizona rep, gabrielle giffords will also be in attendance tonight. this was when she was after
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her first public after her recovery from her shooting. >> president bill clinton also spoke last night for over 48 minutes praising president obama for saving the auto industry, and health care. he is clear on what the race comes down to. >> democrats think that this works better with a stronger middle-class, and for people that work their way into it with a relentless focus on the future. business, government to work together to promote growth and probably share prosperity. you'd see, we believe that we're all in this together is a far better philosophy than you or on your own to watch uninterrupted speeches, and for the latest news, weather and traffic check out our new news
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>> welcome back. the increase of taxicabs will be increased. these temporary permits will raise the amount of 1700 but it is only good for three years and also for hybrid vehicles. is being charged with drug possession and child abuse were she was found with the methamphetamines. she was staying with her nine year- old. warmer secretary treasurer spouse has filed for divorce after bizarre public incidences that she has also met with a man in rehab. >> also this fight that
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result in with a man who was left on conscience-he was left unconscious. in the gas light district. and they said that he was trying to protect women in the group that were being harassed. he has recently been reelected to a second term. let us take a live look from our roof. this looks clearer. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed,
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creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark chocolate flavor. plus, 10 grams of protein. so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars. >> residents in southern california are being able to return to their neighborhood after forced evacuation's. this wild fire forced evacuations for thousands for the labor day weekend. the containment is at 44%. this is video. remnants of this tropical storm " john " has brought the potential for rainfall. however, with the concern of dry lightning. full
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containment is expected next week. >> california utility regulators found no problem after investigation from welder's pounding that pg&e were not properly inspected. they thoroughly inspected the reports of welders freezing their concern after a pipe line investigations. no instances were found of wrongdoing. they will continue to investigate. in the meantime, there is a new documentary from the san bruno explosion. the screening is tonight in redwood city. it is called " trial by fire " with reporters from the victims' and actual footage that killed eight people cured the admission is $3 for seniors, children, and
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students and $5 for adults. >> the chance for rainfall? >> yes of for some sprinkles in the south bay now towards millipede is. if you are going towards livermore? you could see perhaps some sprinkles that is moving towards milpitas. again that has dissipated. with mean the cloud coverage and the bulk of the clouds is near this year and moving towards a nevada. not much that we are seeing with the exception of the cloud coverage. we are looking at a beautiful shot from mt. tam over the bay. there is a down side. at s f o with there are delays because of low clouds. with at least 1 hours of arriving flights at
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s f o. however, the flights are staggered and that is the result of the reason for police. with antioch, pleasanton and the mid upper 50s. fremont, 58. san francisco, still a bit chilly. 58. santa rosa, still chilly. mid '50s in san francisco and oakland. by noon, we will see 60s close to the bay and 70's as you go inland. we will see a warm up. perhaps 80s. low 80s for the south bay again, the cloud coverage will be consistent and slow to clear. with a mild forecast with the next three days mid '50s. today, tomorrow and saturday. for the next three
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days and when we take a look at your 7 day around the bay we will have more details. to watch uninterrupted speeches, and for the latest news, weather and traffic check out our new news channel comcast 193. reach out to was on facebook and let us know what you think. updating you on the traffic the paper each has been building. -- the traffic has been building. the average drive time is 18 minutes for the bay bridge of san mateo = problem-free only 11 minutes. and also just four minutes from the 880 towards the 101. it is also fog and problem-free on the golden gate. and just are we starting to see some slowing through marin county. first, tracking the ride on the east bay freeways. to update it is just 21
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minutes. from hercules towards berkeley. and the south 680 is starting to get sluggish towards walnut creek. and the 101 northbound. towards the west really valley not that bad at also the 280. drive times under 30 minutes from novato the golden gate. let me show you this accident in nebraska. this involved a school bus and therefour peoplet involved a tractor-trailer. this is near the nebraska border is where this happened. they collided. both drivers were killed and two passengers on the school bus. an investigation is under way. >> this sierra lamar teen
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still missing. they're not giving up hope. congress woman has been creasing volunteers. >> with six months out, people are still coming twice per week. to try to find her but also in doing so to provide support to the family. is very unsurprising for morgan hill. it is really inspiring a. marlene lamar has been receiving encouragement from the country and will not) to the body is found. they are convinced that it was kidnapped case with leon being held without bond linking him to the murder with dna evidence. >> >>this just in to the kron 4 news room nbc special corns
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bspecial correspondent. tom brokaw has been taken to hospital after filling light headed. just about 15 minutes ago he sent out a tweet saying that all is well. he mistakenly took ambien... it sounds like he took a bit too much medicine but he is getting better. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. taking a look at the cambridge. bay bridge
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>> welcome back some of the top stories on the internet. gabby douglas will be writing about the road to the olympics that is expected to be published in 2012. and also a new top earner has burne $110 million. with this money from the
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headphones. from dr. drea. and also, kelly pickler has shaved her head in support of her friend that is suffering from breast cancer. and you can visit our facebook fan page. we will be right back.
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is a bit better. however not clear, everywhere. >> that is correct for is some cloud coverage. we did see the light rain over san jose. it is actually moving towards livermore. however,
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we are going to see cloud conditions in london and a bit cooler on the coast. cloudy conditions--inland. with afternoon sunshine. beyond that, mild weather continued for next week but a full look however, let us could equip look at traffic. >> monitoring the west bridge toll plaza just 18 minutes. a quick commute check. heavy. and the south- bay freeways, noticing on the 280 northbound. the peninsula, it is a bit heavy armor on the '92 and the 84. and the north-bay is light. >> thank you. we are keeping a our ally on the dow jones. it is looking great. keeping our eye on
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adp adding thousands of jobs this month. that is the most since the month of march. and you can see we are seeing the dow jones at increasing 191 >> the c h p that wasn't involved in that shoot out on 680 has died. the loss of chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died wednesday evening from wounds he sustained in a shooting on interstate 680 in alamo on tuesday. officer youngstrom was pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m.the slain suspect in yesterday's chp officer- involved shooting on i-680 36-year-old man from corning california, contra costa spokesperson jimmy lee said. detailing the events of the >> this has been a life altering tragedy. certainly, it is a tragedy that has been impacting us to the core. the officer was a giving man. and a man of great state. as a man of faith he believed in service
7:30 am
and contribution and his continued contribution he is donating his organs. that will change the lives of many recipients. >> in attendance, were his children is difficult to imagine what they're going through. >> this is so sad! i cannot picture losing my dad. and i wished that i could be there for her right now. to tell her that everything is going to be okay. the entire community is planning to do what ever it takes. and to help the family through this difficult time. >> tonight president obama is going to accept the nomination for the democratic nomination for the november election. the formal announcement was last
7:31 am
night/early this morning. you can see the california politician, dianne feinstein was in attendance. the state of ohio put him over the top and the crowd went wild. joe biden is also going to be speaking tonight. you can see as he walked through earlier. during the time warner cable carin of arena. also, the former president bill clinton endorsed for saving the auto industry and health care. and that voters are not better off and just four years ago. arguing that argument. >> there is no president. not any of my predecessors. no one could have fully prepared all of the damage that he found in just four
7:32 am
years! (cheers & applause) and also, the democratic party regarding got and jerusalem. everybody in favor say aya or the delegates in favor say aye and in opposition say no. >> that was the votes with a battle to add the mentions of god and jerusalem as that language entered back into the references into the 2008 platform. however they have been removed from this year's platform. president obama intervened. nancy pelosi also speaking last
7:33 am
night. after the clinton speech. >> alone americans and the freedom to pursue their passion. and to make health- care a right, not a privilege and to make sure that being a woman is not only a pre-existing medical condition. to watch uninterrupted speeches, and for the latest news, weather and traffic check out our new news channel comcast 193. >> >>this just in to the kron 4 news room lt. gov. kavanaugh newson as saying that he is going to run for governor in 2014. lt. gov.- gavin new son.. that if governor jerry brown does not running and he added that there is no indication that jerry brown
7:34 am
will not seek reelection. and follow me on twitter for the entire story. >> amazon ran a commercial last night showing the possibility of the next generation of kindles. last night, it was reported that in the sun was going to provide a seven-inch with a provider hofthat had paid hdmi port and larger capacity storage. >> hackers are claims are being denied. posted on this week on an on-line post the from an anonymous posting. the fbi said that the was no evidence indicating that the laptop is compromised. apple said that it did not provide user information.
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>> yelp is helping new customers that favorable reviews translating for more customers. just a one store increase is a 19 percent likelihood that the seats will increase with a just one half storstoar... rating. >> the smart phone wars are heating up. microsoft and nokia showing the windows eight smart phone. with the windows smart phone is poised to compete with the apple smart phones. >> it is looking to be pretty impressive. and just by pressing them on top of
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the speakers it will be charging the phone the speakers are really nice. >> if you are completely in that world of iphone, ipad. you completely become isolated. we will be back as the mount tam camera. ñ# [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >> a 25% increase of west nile. according to the ctc with 90 deaths. the state of texas is the most impacted. and experts say high temperatures could have contributed. officials are still studying what exactly it is for this year to be so
7:40 am
deadly. >> in the state of california, there have been 55 cases since september 4th. to protect yourself the cdc is recommending to wear protective clothing. at dusk/doawn and also, to repair and the screens and avoid standing water as breeding grounds. >> this seven year-old checked into a denver hospital with a high fever and she was delirious. she was diagnosed with the bubonic plague possible. >> she was very uncommon with a fever of 107 degrees
7:41 am
and she was nearly in shock. i told jenny i said if this is really what we suspect we need to get from the first dose now. >> there are a handful of cases of bubonic plague every year. she was successfully treated one a specific antibiotic. she caught it from fleas from a dead squirrel. if you recall from the 14th century it wiped out one-third of the population. in europe. >> coming up the latest from our sports director, gary radnich. coming up the live look.
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>> the loss of chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died wounds he sustained in a in alamo on tuesday. pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m. also, last night president clinton spoke during the convention last night president obama is expected to accept the nomination tonight. >> bay area, weather and
7:45 am
traffic a complete check. stormtracker? >> we have a little bit near livermore showing us conditions that are a bit cloudy. and possibly wet in portions of town. near the altar monnear alattamonet and tracy. shall the bill sprinkles as that trend continues for the rest of this morning. however, some significant cloud coverage along the san mateo bridge. temperatures have been consistently to the five degrees. san jose, 58 and mid-50s over oakland, san carlos and livermore. the fifties will prevail but a bit of a warm-up expected
7:46 am
with this cloud impacting flights. s f o arrivals and oakland, san jose airports are okay. however, here are our temperatures for this afternoon. san jose, we can expect los gatos. a bit more mild and the south and recently they have seen it 90's but they're expected to see 80s, today. with similar conditions today with 60s on the east shore free line. right around 70 degrees. and on the north bay. 60s on the east shore they lying. and throh one country, temperatures will be building up by next tuesday but all in all,
7:47 am
pretty decent. to watch uninterrupted speeches, and for the latest news, weather and traffic check out our new news channel comcast 193. >> good morning. let us check the bay bridge. there is the east bay shore is 80 minutes on to the upper deck towards san francisco. on highway 24. the san mateo bridge/92 is problem-free in both directions. the golden gate also no problems from marin county. the drive time is not that bad. updating the drive times. the east bay commute. 24 minutes. 26 minutes from the east shore freeway toward the san ramon valley, 26 minutes getting towards dublin. and also, from the 85 towards the montague expressway is at 28 minutes. and the normal ride from the 85 getting through
7:48 am
the west valley. san jose towards cupertino, no delays with the exception of downtown toward the north bay, 28 minutes from novado towards the golden gate bridge. >> good morning, we are going to start with that terrible video with mccarthy oh my gosh! >> over 90 mph >> yes. really. and look at that. really, the good news, with the exception of something this morning is that if you spent the night in hospital. he never lost consciousness. i guess that he was okay. >> that is incredible! and the person that hit him is also once again, because i am a mother i was wondering if should state where a
7:49 am
helmet? >> it seems like we are going to be going in that direction. if they should wear a helmet. no, i'm going to say to not be a pitcher. >> i do not know how these guys do it. and how the but not do with this without pitching for the rest of your life. >> that came down so hard. this minor and sub-plot is that the ball ricocheted to the third base. >> i know! and how about the giants? we are going to show you the low lights. what did popple not like that was so offensive. on the third base of sandoval? what was so upsetting >> it was the end of the game. i think it was the eighth inning. >> yes? >> he did not slide. >> if you are really angry.
7:50 am
and you beat him after the game. however i always joked that if there are people that are going to hold you back. >> and nobody wants to fight believe me. i will make sure that somebody is a round and round. and it was not as if it was a dirty fight. >> it was one of those were even he puffed the chest. do you remember the guy that walked across the base and home base it was as if he was slated by this. >> look at the guys on the field. you thought that these guys were going to do something but they were smart enough to not get suspended without pay. >> exactly. >> go-ahead and fight and we will double your salary. >> right, right! >> i cannot get wound up about this stuff. because
7:51 am
there is always things that will hold you back. >> save the fight for this weekend with the dodgers. >> right. >> speaking of, the cowboys have been waiting and they did it! they beat the giants. >> i was watching bill clinton. >> you did not watch the game? >> i watched a little bit but i thought that he had a great game. however, i am such a fanatic for political items. >> he continued his speech, for 48 minutes. >> and the cowboys. i think that they were pretty good. it is about time that romo had a pretty decent game put the giants started a bit slower but they did have to recent victories. >> what about the old tree? is he the new guy to watch?
7:52 am
the oval tree and braynt but olgtree had a great game last night. explain to me however one who loves football and monday night football it is about art modale de is love, love, love but he did in cleveland. and now he died at the age of 87 a. >> i did not know that he passed away but last night. they gathered his family he passed, overnight. >> he died of natural causes. if you read up on his life on how instrumental he has been for football. however, he was hated and football for moving the cleveland browns. >> correct and robert ursay move to the colts to indianapolis and they cannot forgive him. and they have
7:53 am
their emotions tied to the team and these guys have their pocketbooks. and if they feel that they can do better in a better city i will not hold that against them. >> look at what he did to the game of football! 87 years old we will see you. we will be back.
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>> coming up on the kron 4 morning news the president is expected to accept the nomination tonight. what did former president clinton have to say. >> suspect in a scam that has robbed millions from elderly. and also news of new jobs in the private sector. the dow jones i'm a professional stylist
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>> good morning the loss of chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died wednesday evening from wounds he sustained in a shooting on interstate 680 in alamo on tuesday. >> i want to nominate a man that is, will on the outside. (cheers & applause) however, he burns for america on the inside. >> former president bill clinton stole the show last night and fired up the crowd. we will talk about the speech and the preview big tonight. president obama and our political expert, next. >> we are watching the weather. >> james? >> yes. that is what we're calling for this morning. in san jose and livermore it looks like that rain activity could be making a outport tracy haute towards
8:00 am
tracy with even clouds. expected. out near tracy in the east bay valleys. and again we will take a look at the extended forecast with the weekend coming up. your full check of weather, coming up but first, traffic. >> it is heavy on the bay bridge. the quick commute check shown the north bay very broad towards the golden gate. moderate/heavy. the heaviest air the 1 0 1 is at the 84 interchange. however, the heaviest is near the 101. >> 8:0 1:00 a.m. with new information about the c h p. it is now officer youngstrom was pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m. wednesday at john muir medical center in walnut creek. he's survived by his wife and four children.
8:01 am
the slain suspect in yesterday's chp officer- involved shooting on i-680 has been identified as christopher boone lacy, a 36-year-old man from corning california, contra costa county sheriff department spokesperson jimmy lee said. the >> right now we are going through very difficult time. remembering him and all the ways that we can. i think that it is important that you know that he absolutely loved his job. and the service agents for all of us and the community. truly. >> funeral arrangements have not been announced. >> and will tran is out there, live. >> this is a home away from home. you can see this memorial. people dropping off their items of remember
8:02 am
as they do not want to go on camera but we did see this. this is the deal that we shot of a ceremony that took place. there was a somber rees /+ceremony of the half staf flag. he is a triplet. his younger brother died. however, his twin brother is a survival kit. the officer that is also being placed on administrative leave. and he is also very distraught. we got a chance to speak to some of these people. >> it is kind of tough. >> why was it important for
8:03 am
you? >> he was an officer. a panel fellow officer are you an officer? >> no sir. >> you wanted to pay your respects? >>reporter: he leaves behind four children and the chp has set up a memorial fund at the polls for goal toward just at eight wells-fargo bank. near the branch locations.
8:04 am
in britain or in >>darya: the victim does have life-threatening injuries in. >>mark: it is the president turned this evening to accept the presidential nomination. last night, bill clinton got the crowd going in. after the speech, the president came on stage.
8:05 am
and in the president said that obama is offering america a better path. nice >> in tampa, the republican argument against the president's reelection was actually pretty simple and pretty snappy. it went something like this, we left him a total mass, he has not committed of fast enough. >> gabby giffords will be in the crowd tonight, she will be in attendance but does not have a role in tonight's scheduled. here is video of her first appearance in congress after being shot in the head in 2011. ethan watch on interest to commercial free coverage of the democratic national convention on our 24 news channel comcast 1 ninety-three's, digital 4.2. and less than 10 minutes we will speak with our political analyst. >>darya: the dow has been soaring after investors finally
8:06 am
heard what they have been waiting for from the european central big, concrete plans to support the country by buying government bonds. that is good news from overseas. 201,000 jobs were added last month based on the private sector. >>justine: an update on one of our developing stories in the kron4 news from out of philadelphia, one man was taken into fbi custody after a tipster said someone on a u.s. airways flight might have explosives. we have video of the airplane, u.s. airways flight 1267. it returned to philadelphia international. it was on its way to dallas. the fbi says there is a man in custody and keep me in and and targeted. no explosives were found of a plan. an investigation is underway. the police and fbi are about
8:07 am
to hold a press conference. we will be right back.
8:08 am
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60 years, millions of women, real results. >>darya: muni wants you to give thought to the transit agency. the public is invited to participate in an online survey they ask questions about bicycle and pedestrian safety and about taxi service in this city. go to the meeting websites
8:10 am
away and on this and that it will post the results there as well. >>mark: a former alameda county supervisor has the charles with drug possession and the child abuse. the state's former attorney general and treasurer has filed for divorce and seeking custody of their son. some >> in sonoma county supervisor has been arrested in san diego for allegedly being involved with a fight that left another man unconscious. he was arrested on labor day in the city's gasoline and district. police say he ended the two other men were fighting on the street, one of the two men was taken to hospital.
8:11 am
>>darya: a lawsuit is targeting in and out burger. >>darya: here is a live look at the bay bridge, we will be back after this break.
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it the eighth
8:13 am
eighth crew went very city soon that it
8:14 am
1/2 and yellow and >>darya: decision to the top, it is a good nafta presents it as he accepted the nomination at the democratic national convention. los >>mark: a successful speech by clinton last night? >> on the richter scale it was probably 820. >> i was there in 1992 in new
8:15 am
york city when he gave its acceptance speech. >> bill clinton does better than anyone else because he knows how to communicate with the american people. it is not really communication as much as it is a conversation a conversation with the middle class. >>darya: he was able to bring out all of the things that he said the president inherited and how he has done the best he could. that enables president obama to be more positive and not have to take over each thing that the republicans said. >> clinton did a better job explaining president obama than anyone else has done in the past six months. he was able to tap the inner and frustration of the middle-class and tap the idea of bipartisanship that has been lost.
8:16 am
dry in the two together is probably the smartest idea in this campaign. clinton has a huge favorability rating. there will send them out on the campaign trail for the next two months. it is something that al gore should have done in 2000 but did not do. >>darya: i did not know that god of be such a bone of contention. >>mark: let's listen into exactly what happened. >> all those in favor of suspending the rules say hi. all those opposed say no.
8:17 am
>> there was some shouting back and forth with references to god in the jerusalem being the capital of israel not included in this platform. this was in the platform, a huge controversy. >> the controversy was someone did that proofread the document really well to make sure that the key planks in there. we made a conscious decision that god was going to be in there and it mentions somehow, there was a big section on faith but the jerusalem issue is one that has been part of the democratic policy for eons. its omission was a serious mistake, especially when you have of florida in play. the correction was extremely clumsy.
8:18 am
>> romney, the same flat about making that statement about jerusalem. >> it is not just a question of context and placement. middle east policy is extremely complex but this was something that was a no-brainer.
8:19 am
>>darya: let's get a look at the weather. >>james: we have been falling storm tracker 4 all morning long, hoping to catch any showers rolling through. that is the risk for this morning, light scattered showers. the only bid that was all rule for san jose earlier rolled through livermore and and is no working its way past stockton. they did have a lightning strike just south of livermore near the reservoir. they have a couple others near san jose but that has been it. cloudy skies and the clouds are causing problems at sfo. if you have a flight, call your carrier. 1 hours 6 minute delays for arriving flights. you can see those trickle-down into departure delays. we will let you know if that gets any worse. temperatures at the moment are
8:20 am
still in the '50s. we have not seen the numbers move much at all. we are seeing some warm up in the north bay. temperatures this afternoon will look like this during the lunch hour, widespread 60s near the water and '70s and land. the valleys to the east will be mild by comparison to what we have seen recently. here is a quick look at your 3d outlook. mild temperatures to the next 72 hours. " not much movement in it
8:21 am
temperatures. a pretty stable forecast after today. do not forget, channel 193 to the weather and traffic updates. >>george: southbound 101 in central san rafael, a potential hot spot. there could be one or more lanes blocked. that is the initial report from the california highway patrol. up until now the drive times had been under 30 minutes.
8:22 am
we have not seen much in a way of unusually heavy traffic for major problems this morning.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
pot roast >>darya: san francisco police are looking for women who have made off with almost $2 million and an ongoing scamp targeting elderly chinese women. here is a look at surveillance video of the women who are doing this. north's the most recent cases happened over the labor day weekend. to women are are in their 60s
8:26 am
or targeted. qr 43 chinese woman floyd and cantonese tell the victims that their items are cursed and need to be purified. >> an order to ward off evil spirits they tell them they need to bring money and jewelry with them and they will bless the money and jewelry. >>darya: in the latest cases the women have lost $35,000 apiece. prosecutors did announce the arrest of three women who were running a similar scam. >>erica: we have a lot to get to. here's a quick look at some of the top stories getting a lot of attention. actress amanda vines will be arraigned later this month after being charged into different hit and run car accidents. if convicted she could face up
8:27 am
to one year behind bars. there is no baby, call me maybe is the song of the summer it topped the songs of summer charts. finally, the me address that lady gaga war went to washington.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>>darya: here is a live look outside. on the left, visibility is pretty good. the traffic looks pretty nice. we can see a mix of clouds and
8:30 am
signed. earlier, we saw and heard thunderstorm activity. >>james: it is not all out of the way yet. >>george: the marin commission has just turned south. the ride is now at 53 minutes.
8:31 am
>>darya: it looks like europe is getting a bailout. central bank giving concrete plans to support the struggling countries by buying government bonds.
8:32 am
>>mark: the chp officer of in a shooting on tuesday has died. >> i cannot imagine losing my parents. >> the pta and the school community say they're planning to do whatever it takes into help the family. >>darya: california utility regulators say they found no problems after investigating complaints from wilder's claiming that welds on the pipelines had not been properly
8:33 am
inspected. there were two welders to raise concerns in 2011. they say they found no instances in which welds were not inspected in compliance with law. a documentary film on the pipeline glasses that happened two years ago will be screened tonight in redwood city. it is called trial by fire. interviews with victims, first responders and city leaders is free. >> a vigil was held for missing morgan helped teenager, sierra lamar. she vanished now six months ago on her way to school. if even though a suspect has been charged searchers are not giving up hope of finding her.
8:34 am
the center has received many visitors. now, one congresswoman is visiting. >> it is great that six months out people are coming twice a week. >> antolin garcia torres is awaiting trial where he is being held without bail. the dna found in his car lanes into the murder of sierra lamar >>darya: nbc news correspondent tom brokaw was taken to hospital this morning in north carolina. he had just appeared on the morning so when he felt
8:35 am
lightheaded if the and just to be safe, was taken to hospital. this 72 year old said he mistakenly took a half those of india. he is said to be in good spirits and doing fine. he has been keeping a busy schedule at the democratic convention. >>darya: gavin newsome said today they he will run for governor in 2014 if jerry brown does not seek reelection. in an interview with the l.a. times and in some sense if jerry brown does not run, i have every intention of running. >> muni will increase the total number of taxicabs to 1700.
8:36 am
8:37 am
it didn't want
8:38 am
8:39 am
when >>george: we are tracking a couple of hot spots, one of them, the macarthur maze.
8:40 am
not because of a baby john backup -- not because of the bay bridge back up, and just a 580 is backed up into oakland. i checked with the chp, they have no incidents reported were problems reported. there was a report of an accident when the chp arrived on scene, they could not find it. the delays through marin county on 101 southbound. an accident that occurred in central san rafael was a malaise that has been moved to the shoulder. the drive times trimaran are nearly one hour from 37 to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: the number of cases of was mild virus in the u.s. continues to grow. new cases jumped 25% of the last week to nearly 2000 cases of was not out this year and 90 people have died. texas is the hardest-hit states. at least 43 deaths there. that's it has been battling a
8:41 am
mosquito borne virus, trying to wipe out mosquito breeding grounds. experts say that high temperatures may have contributed to the surge in west nile cases. officials are still studying exactly what has made this year's a deadly for the virus. here in california, as of september 4th, california has had 55 cases of west nile including two deaths. how do you protect yourself? the cdc recommends wearing long pants and long sleeves during descanted on and it recommends the where insect repellent when you are outdoors, install screens and if you already have a repair them. >>mark: when we come back will take a look at what viewers had to say about bill clinton's speech last night.
8:42 am
8:43 am
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8:45 am
>>mark: the chp officer involved in a shootout in 680 has died. we were just looking at video of the democratic national convention. in oakland, police are investigating a shooting that left the man dead. >>darya: we are also falling weather and traffic. >> we are following a couple of hot spots. the writer marin county on the 101 is not daunted to central san rafael, if it got back up with an accident that blocked the second lane. that crash has been moved to the shoulder. drive times are now 58 minutes. red is showing on the road sensors leading north of highway 37.
8:46 am
we have word of slow traffic coming west on highway 24 in the heading west on interstate 580. 580 is backed up through downtown oakland. >> the san mateo bridge ride looks good. there are no problems other eastbound or was found.
8:47 am
the golden gate bridge ride is heavy southbound slow traffic from the south tower past the toll plaza down to the tunnels along the presidio park with. we are dealing with cloud cover, as the fall is reporting a delay. if no problems at oakland or san jose minetta.
8:48 am
if >> 64 in san francisco looking
8:49 am
for 70 in oakland. 70 degree weather to the north. do not forget, you can always get weather, traffic and news updates any time. >> san francisco needs poll workers for the upcoming election. the department of elections is looking for more than 2500 workers to handle the duties on election day. the duties include operating polls and helping voters to navigate the process. workers will be paid between $125.10 half and $70. applicants have to be at least 18 and a u.s. citizen registered to vote in california. >> a lot of people talking about bill clinton's speech last night. we carry that for you live on our new 24-7 day. news channel. clinton told the dnc that the
8:50 am
president is offered america a better path. many people have been sent as their feedback. airtran has some of the comments. >> this morning, we asked people if there were excited about the speech and what they thought and without some mixed reactions. he was spot on all points. it's
8:51 am
>>darya: you can watch commercial free coverage on our new 24-7 news channel, comcast's fifth channel 193 and digital 4.2. we are back with more in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside. it is going to be a nice day, we will be right back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
it with when been off in of harm her if >>mark: and the tech news we are following, a special
8:55 am
meeting and the software maker has been sold. there is no world on how much the company was sold for. >>mark: a positive prediction for facebook. there is a prediction that facebook small advertising revenue will increase fivefold next year to the company at the top ranks of the market. the research says that the social networking company will bring in 387 million from mobile advertising, up from 70. million projected for this year. >>darya: amazon may have tipped its hand during last night's football game, they ran a commercial during the game that showed a pair of devices
8:56 am
believed to be the next generation candles. amazon is expected to unveil those today. they are supposed to be about 7 in.. there is an hdmi port and a larger storage. >> still ahead, a seven year-old girl objected to a denver hospital with the bottom plate. more on that story coming up. a surge on wall street. we will have the latest on the markets with the dow climbing 236 points.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>mark: friends, family and the california highway patrol are in mourning at the officer shot tuesday on 680 has died. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but
9:00 am
who burns for america on the inside. >>darya: bill clinton is stealing the show of the democratic national convention but tonight it is the president's term. >>mark: let's get a check of traffic with george. >>george: we are talking about the approach to the bay bridge, but not the bay bridge itself. it was about 25 minutes ago that we noticed traffic starting to stack up you will see that the feeders of the maze are jammed up. 580, have we 24 and interstate 80 westbound, the 24 drive time was 38 minutes from iran that to get down to interstate 580.
9:01 am
when you get to the bay bridge, it is odd because he will find there is hardly any back up at all. from the maze of the toll plaza is completely wide open which makes 880 your best bet to the bridge. it is not as badly backed up as the other routes. >>erica: we did have some spotty showers early this morning and some instances of thunderstorm activity. a lot of instability, still in dealing with subtropical moisture. he could feel monday as he had outside the door. terms of temperatures, mid-50s in downtown san francisco. 57 wicking up in oakland. once we get to the morning, you actually start to see some partial clearing. temperatures are a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. it looks like the fog will make a comeback, a full look at the afternoon highs coming up
9:02 am
in just a bit. >>darya: our developing story is the latest with the chp officer that was shot on highway 680. he has died. we also the name of the shooter, the person he pulled over. the officer was taken off of life support around 6:00 p.m. after the shooting at happened tuesday morning in alamo that completely shut down. authorities say the man was shot the officer during a traffic stop is christopher tracey. right now, the chp is mourning the loss of its officers. >> right now we are remembering him and all of the ways that we possibly can.
9:03 am
funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.
9:04 am
>>rob: wanna a guy told me that young strum is actually a traffic light, he had a brother who died when he was young and his other brother was at a hospital he was rushed there. one sees the officer says it is heartbreaking to see someone who looks just like their friend.
9:05 am
there is a fund set up, go to calls fargo and a drop of a donation in his name, any branch will accepted. >>darya: a developing story out of oakland. police are looking for a suitor that killed the man at 9:00 of macarthur boulevard around 3:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m.. as in the off ramp was closed for about three hours. it's >> in san francisco its 21 year-old man was shot in the tenderloin. the shooting happened in the 200 block of leavenworth. he does have a life
9:06 am
threatening injuries. there is no description of the shooter. >> it is the president's turn tonight as he accepts the democratic nomination. it was last night's speech by bill clinton that got the crowd going. a reminder, you can watch on interrupted commercials recovers of the democratic national convention on our new 24-7 is channel. >>darya: we have some good news, and the european its installation looks like they are working to get out of debt. we will be following the dow as it is up this morning.
9:07 am
>>justine: what looks to be part of the new ipad many may have been leaked out on the internet. here it is. there are too speaker grills of lower edge, a smaller and dock connector and there is a cut out for a camera. in this picture, the shell is on top of an ipad that is out on the market now to show us how much smaller than new-line it might be. one tech web site posted it say that this part came from one of the companies that is working to put it all together. at the apple media of then being held next week, it is expected that the new many ipad will be unveiled. the question this morning is exactly what it is going to look like. >>mark: i a.m angry about the charger. how dare they?
9:08 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>mark: a colorado girl survived until there is only read about in textbooks, the bubonic plague. if the seven year old check into a denver hospital and
9:11 am
something immediately seemed unusual to the doctors. >> she presented the the temperature of 107 which is extremely high. her fever and altered mental status and the fact that she was in shock, i have another doctor come into about a week. >> faithfully the doctors figured it out soon enough. there are only a handful of bubonic plague cases in the u.s. every year. she was successfully treated after being put on specific antibiotics. they believe she caught the plague on a camping trip. she got it from the fleabite sphere. the bobbitt pled wiped out one-third of the european population in the 14th century. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the bay bridge. or on my god this she has to have ads this year time is an
9:12 am
uneasy siamese twins they had all somebodies and joined the hit for the it all this is what body would to heads like something of a greek mythology book, i can imagine how those people were treated lightly back high court as that happened
9:13 am
he said you and a limited teenage girl the glandular problems
9:14 am
from and where
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>darya: a loss it is targeting in and out burger claiming that their hiring practices are discriminatory. the suit was filed on behalf of to 40 year-old black man who applied for a job in oakland. the lawsuit claims of both men were qualified for the job but were not hired based on their race and age. the lawsuit seeks and if the in-n-out hiring discrimination. if in-n-out berger released a statement saying that they would fight the allegations. it >>george: the approach to the bay bridge and the macarthur maze from highway 24, although the east shore freeway into the nimitz or all backed up leading to the bridges, highway 24 is where we still see the work and traffic. it is slow coming out of lafayette and be around a crossroads.
9:17 am
at the bay bridge you will have no real problems. there is no backup left. it is really not that we would see no back up at the toll plaza, but solid traffic through the macarthur maze from both 580, 24 and even 880 although that is your best bet is to get to the bay bridge. another hot spot we have been tracking is on 101 in marin county. the commute is still behind schedule but not as bad. at one time the drive that was nearly an hour. now it is down to 42 minutes from 37 to the golden gate. no. iran is a little slower to recover from the southbound backup.
9:18 am
>>erica: earlier this morning we did see some pop up showers and isolated thunderstorms. a lot of it is due to a tropical depression john. we do have high pressure back and play. we will return to morning fog and afternoon sunshine. pretty mild condition with not too much change in the numbers. because of the cloud cover we have been talking about, we do have delays at san francisco international. the delays are up to 66 minutes of arriving flights.
9:19 am
9:20 am
>>erica: mostly cloudy conditions, mid 60s for downtown san francisco. a chilly afternoon if you're heading to the ocean beach. >>darya: it will some probably be easier to catch a cab in san francisco. muni has approved up to 200 new temporary taxi permits. this will increase the total number to more than 1700. temporary permits only applied to hybrid, electric or other alternative fuel vehicles. they're only good for three years. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues.
9:21 am
9:22 am
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9:23 am
sphere [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. ♪ nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar.
9:24 am
>>mark: will come back. a vigil held for zero lamar, the 15 year-old spanish six months ago on her way to school even not a suspect has been charged with her murder there by giving a open finding her. >> marlene lamar says there will be no closure until her daughter is found. even this year has not been
9:25 am
found, there aren't convinced that she was kidnapped and murdered by this man. >>darya: san francisco police are looking for robbers made off with about $2 million in an ongoing scanned the targets if elderly woman in the chinese community. take a look at this surveillance video. >> they are mostly targeting older women. there are three chinese women, there floyd in cantonese and tell the victims of their items are cursed and that they need to be purified. >> in order to ward off evil spirits they tell them to bring their money and jewelry and they will plus the money and jewelry.
9:26 am
>>darya: each victim lost about $35,000 worth of items. prosecutors announced the arrest of three women that they say stole more than one of the thousand dollars of cash and jewelry >>mark: here is a fire north of , not. steep terrain it burning into the west, there has been some light rain and cooler temperatures to help firefighters northeast of l.a.. contain the numbers are now up at 44%. we have the remnants of tropical storm john making their way to the region and then, there is concern about dry lightning strikes, thankfully none of those in -- none of those occurred.
9:27 am
>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside of the approach to the bay bridge.
9:28 am
9:29 am
from paramount harm where >>george: off the fast lane is blocked and traffic is jammed towards the zero altamont pass. we are still damp out of iran and lafayette was down on
9:30 am
highway 24 leading down to the macarthur maze. we still do not know the reason why traffic was backed up. there were reports of an accident and the debris in the lanes. whenever the chp rolled through they found everything clear. the back of does not reach much beyond the mid parking lot it will continue to grow. there is still a lot of traffic on 24, 880 and 80 headed towards the toll plaza. >>erica: we do have some cloud cover to contend with. we will shake some of the of as we head into the afternoon. we will see some sunshine in linden. for the muddy conditions however we are dealing with high humidity levels theory of
9:31 am
>>erica: it looks like we did our are >> full details on the afternoon highs coming up. >> the chp officer involved in a shootout on 680 has died. he was taken off life-support yesterday evening. the shooting happened tuesday morning in alamo. authorities say the man who shot the officer during the traffic south was inside of the jeep. a vigil was held for the officers last night. among those attending, friends of the officer's children.
9:32 am
>> i wish that i could be there for her right now. >> the pta and school committee say they're planning to do whatever they can to help the family. >>darya: let's take a look at what is on tap for tonight, the president will officially except the nomination to run for reelection. the dnc formally nominated him. it's the state of ohio put the president of the top and the clout -- the crowd went wild. joe biden will be speaking in
9:33 am
the convention. >> get real difference will be at the convention tonight. we have large issue will deliver the pledge of allegiance. this is video of her back in january when she officially resigned from congress. she resigned to focus on her recovery. she went back to arizona last months after some intense physical and speech therapy. as remember she was shot back in january of 2011. >> bill clinton made a bold endorsement of president obama last night. a 48 million speeds and over a dozen standing ovations. he also encountered gop criticism that they're better off now than they were four years ago. >> no president, not me, not
9:34 am
any of my predecessors, no one could have a fully repair all of the damage that he found in just four years. >> there was some dissension within the ranks.
9:35 am
>> and nancy pelosi also spoke last night as she joined the president and praising obama and the health reform. >> democrats pass health care reform to allow americans the freedom to pursue their passion they made health-care a right, not a privilege. >> you can watch uninterrupted coverage on our 24-7 news channel, comcast would 93.
9:36 am
>> a pause the prediction for facebook. one research firm predicts that the mobile advertising revenue will increase fivefold next year putting the country into the top ranks of the market. research says that the social networking company will bring in $387 million from local advertising, up from 72.7 million. the prediction comes as a facebook fights concerns over its ability to make money from local advertising.
9:37 am
>>darya: if you are going to be on a morning news program, eugenol want to take it began. tom brokaw was on the ms nbc morning show show and he felt lightheaded. it's akin to a hospital, he is 72, they did not know what might be wrong and that he sent a message saying that he took a half dozen of ambient and made less sense than usual. he is in good spirits and has been doing a lot of work on both conventions. gavin newsome said today that he will run for governor in 2014. that is if jerry brown does not seek reelection. in an interview was said that if he does not run, i have every intention of writing, if he does run i have every intention of supporting him.
9:38 am
>>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> coming up, we'll update you on a hot spot, it is gm coming out of the optima past. i will update this and our other hot spots when we return.
9:44 am
9:45 am
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and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. so call now to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. that includes access on-the-go to our entire national wi-fi hot spot network, with over 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >>mark: the officer shot in a shootout on tuesday have died. the president took the stage tonight to except the democratic nomination for president. last night, former president bill clinton told the dnc that the president is offering
9:47 am
america a better path. >> an accident block to the fast lane at airwave boulevard. things are finally getting back to normal as they are on 24 westbound which lead in the commute was jammed up all the way to orinda, beyond aranda to lafayette.
9:48 am
in late hot spot was the ride from marin county. no longer a hot spot, but there is also sluggish traffic. the drive time is 31-32 minutes from no bottom to the golden gate bridge. here is a look at the bay bridge westbound. even with heavy traffic in the maze there is no backup at the bay bridge. it has been light like this for an hour-and-a-half at the whole clause off. on the san mateo bridge, the commute is over and has been for a while. >>erica: we do not have any problems with visibility, a lot
9:49 am
of cloud cover up ahead due to some instability in the air. those are some topical clouds and blanketing a lot of the bay area. >> you can also count on dry conditions into the afternoon. here is a look at current numbers. the afternoon highs are in live in cooler compared to yesterday. critics of sunshine and a more
9:50 am
cloud cover situated along the coast. tantau is one of the warmest spas coming in at 86. 83 expected for walnut creek in the 67 expected in san leandro. we could gain a couple of degrees as a star the next work week. >>darya: san francisco needs poll workers. the department of a lexus is looking for more than 2500 workers to handle the duties of
9:51 am
election day. king workers will be paid between 125 and $170. you have to be at least 18, a u.s. citizen and register to vote in california. >>mark: a tough night for the giants. trevor cahill took a no-hitter into the seventh inning. he retired the first 16 batters. sphere fissiparous sphere
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> today on an all new "dr. phil." >> dr. phil: you have a kitted who some would describe as a sexual predator. you fathered two children? >> correct. >> dr. phil: you knowingly have sex with a 13-year-old child. >> he's out of control. >> he's tearing my family up. >> out of touch. >> dr. phil: these guys getting girls pregnant. where are their parents? we need to hit the restart button and start over. let's do it. >> dr. phil: if we are going to do something that matters we have to deal with the truth. if i can help get the family back on track, will you do that?

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